INNX OP601006 2" Ultra Soft Memory Foam Mattress Toppers, Pressure Relieving Mattress Pad,Bed Pad (Mattress Toppers, Crib Size)

26.6"W X51.2" X2" CRIB SIZE BED MATTRESS TOPPER, idea for crib or Toddler bed.
EXTRA COMFORT with special memory foam formula,this will offer comfortable and sound sleep during night.
COMPRESSED PACKAGING, pls wait for about 24-48 hours to completely rise and recover.Slight odor may feel a little when just opened,it will disappear in few days
REMOVABLE MATTRESS TOPPER COVER, which can be machine washable.All the material is compliant for the Oeko-Tex Standard
LIFE TIME WARRANTY,if you have any question on INNX products,pls feel free to contact with our custom service team.

INNX is a trademark for Innovation Next online store,We offers smart and Practical innovation for your invest

According to the National Sleep Foundation study, every people will spend nearly 1/3 of time on the bed duing the whole life. To have a good sleep, you should find a suitable comfort mattress or mattress topper, INNX is your idea choice 

Removal mattress topper cover is machine washable,pld not wash memory foam directly.

How to store your memory foam mattress topper during hot season

Clean the Mattress topper before you store it.

Roll it up, do not fold too many times.

More Details 

Using the vacuum sealed bags to store it

Every 6 months,pls open the vacuum bag to allow it to air out and inflate.

DO NOT store a mattress topper unless it has some protective wrapping around it! Bugs, dust, water, and other nasty stuff can get trapped in it . 

This is especially true if you store in a storage unit, attic, basement, or even a closet. No matter how clean you think it is, its not!

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