Dogs help you make more friends

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. If you do have one, it can provide plenty of ways to meet new friends. The best part is, you’ll already have something in common so conversations may flow a little bit easier in the beginning..Here are some ways that can help you meet more people and make more friends.

1.  You Can Meet New People at the Dog Park

If you’ve never been to a dog park, it’s definitely an experience. They bring out a variety of people, from pet owners to those who just like to watch the pooches run around and play. You get to see how people interact with their pets, which can be a telling part of their personality. Hanging out at an animal park can be a great way for individuals and couples alike to make new friends.

Some things to chat about at the park include:

The dogs! If you see someone you’d like to get to know, ask them about their pet. People love talking about their animals, so find out how long they have had it, what kind of breed it is, and tips they have for training.

  • Your aim is to make friends, so get a feel for how often others go to the park and how long they stay each time.
  • Other animal-related events. You may learn about new doggie daycares, owner events, or even other parks while there.
  • General questions. Ask about the best way to get your puppy potty trained, how to teach it to sit, where to buySUV cargo liner, or any other question you haven’t found the answer to yet in relation to your pet. Hanging out with other dog owners can be a learning experience that makes you a better pet owner.

2.  Sit Outside With Your Dog at the Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops have outside areas where you can hang out with your pet. Make sure your dog is socialized so if a stranger walks up and talks to you, it doesn’t bark or snap. Remember, you’re trying to attract people to you, not repel them.

3.  Meet Other Dog Owners at the Groomer

Some dogs do not like the groomer, so you’ll see plenty of owners trying to soothe their pet while they wait in line. This atmosphere makes people very receptive to conversation and meeting someone new. You can offer sympathy for their scared pooch while you strike up a conversation with the owner.


4.  They Help You Get Out for a Walk Where You Can Meet Your Neighbors

Walking with your pet is great way to find friends right in your own neighborhood. Not only that, but you may connect with someone who wants to walk with you, giving you both health benefits and time with a friend. It’s a win-win.

5.  Connecting With People Who Can Dog Sit for You

If you need to go out of town, you’ll have to either take your pet or find a reputable sitter. One option is to connect with someone you might know casually and develop a deeper friendship. You could even trade offers to watch each other’s dogs when you go out of town. This not only provides you with a new friend, but it also gives you peace of mind that your pooch is in a safe environment.

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