7 Apps All True Dog Lovers Should Have Installed

A dog – man’s best friend is dog I hope you know because you have one loyal dog at your home who is everything for you.1Dog – the best security system for your home. Even the smallest dogs have very sharp teeth. And thanks to them to cancel the hearing and sense of smell, they can advance to warn you of about stranger. These apps are all about you and your dog, you’ll definitely find all of them useful and amusing.


  1. DoggyDatez

It’s characterized as the dog version of Foursquare. It’s free to download and use and it lets your dog visit a territory, claim it (you know how), and compete with other dogs over other places. As they say, ‘love is like war’, perhaps the two of you will find your significant others.


  1. MapMyDogWalk

This app lets you track the amount of distance your pet friend has walked during a session. It’s beneficial to the both of you as you’ll be inspired to live healthier, too. On top of that, the routes the two of you take each day can be combined by checking the map and rerouting to keep things more interesting.


  1. Dognition

A rather intelligent app, it’s still not available for smartphones. However, you can use your computer to access it anytime, as it’s web-based. The thing about this app is that you can run tests on your best friend, ultimately getting a pretty accurate profile on them. This will help you find out more about what your dog wants of you and improve your mutual understanding. A very useful app, indeed.


  1. Dog Translator

Time to talk to your dog! No, this isn’t Dr. Dolittle’s personal translator but rather an app meant for you and your dog to have some fun and laugh while at it. By recording your dog’s barks and voices, it will translate the most hilarious answers imaginable. Who knows, maybe it’s the truth!



  1. DogeWeather

Internet’s favorite ‘doge’ meme is back with an app. Well, it’s not really an app but it’ll still make you laugh and is actually being accurate about the weather, too. Gives accurate temperature too!


  1. BarkCam

I’m sure you were waiting for an app exactly like this one, because all those ‘pet selfies‘ won’t make themselves, you know. What’s good about it is that it’ll get your pet looking at the camera while you send a picture to your friends/S.O.’s, trying to look cute in their eyes. You may also put some stickers and text on the pictures before sending them. All in all, a complete package you will get entirely for free.


  1. BarkBuddy

All the single ladies (and gentlemen) can now find their S.O. with this ‘Tinder’ for dogs. How about it? You’ll get to scroll through different pup profiles, find the perfect match, meet up and see if any sparks are started between these two. If you’re single, you already know the ‘use-your-dog-to-find-love’ technique, so don’t wait anymore.