Choose a right car for your dog

If you have a dog at home, and you like camping trips, it would be necessary for you to buy a car suitable for your dog sitting. Otherwise if the dog doesn’t like stay in it, or happen some unpleasant things in the process of car ride, it will definitely affect your mood. While what kind of car is good for dog?


May be storage space should be the first to be considered. With plenty of room in the back to put a dog bed and toys and other things for your beloved dog to enjoy.

Here is some suggestions :

Ford Flex. Large passenger area with a rear hatch access that is pretty close to the ground. The height comes in handy when your aging Golden Retriever comes down with arthritis.

Honda Element. Easy for dogs to jump in and out, plenty of room and no carpet equals easy clean up of hair or motion sickness.

 The Audi A6. Ideally the 1998-2004 vintage.

It’s large, comfortable and does not want to be driven fast ever, so Fido is less likely to puke in the back. Quattro will help you into any fields you need to park in but it’s still low enough that old dogs can get in by themselves.

Get it with cloth seats and a load-liner and you’re all set.

The Honda Element. Because you can open the doors and hose it down.

Without a doubt my 3rd Gen 4Runner (or any 4Runner for that matter). When I was looking for a new car I needed 2 things. 1) 4WD to get me around in Vermont winters/summers and 2) A place for my 90lb Husky/Golden mix to chill out during our adventures. The 4Runner’s rear glass rolls all the way down so my dog can lean his big ass head out and drool and sniff till his hearts content. Also, the rear area is so spacious. I can pack him in there along with my camping gear. It does come with carpet but after spending less than 100 bucks I have a nice Weathertech rubber mat back there so he can be as muddy and wet as wants to be and all I have to do is hose it off. Definitely the 4Runner if you like your dog and want to take him where dogs belong, out in nature.