How to keep a clean house with pets?

Having pets in the family can add a lot to your list come cleaning time. But keeping a clean house with pets is not impossible. So, what do you need to know to keep a clean house with pets? — it just need a slipcover.

A slipcover can help protect your sofa from being stained or torn. You can also purchase different colors and textures of sofa slipcovers to change throughout the year for seasons or holidays. Cleaning it frequently can help remove pet odors, spills, or other stains that may accumulate after frequent use. Removing and cleaning a sofa slipcover is easy. It only takes a few minutes to keep your furniture fresh and clean.

How to clean a sofa slipcover:


  1. Read the tag.Check the tag on the inside of the slipcover for washing instructions. If you have a sofa cover that requires dry cleaning, make sure you follow those instructions; doing so will make the slipcover last. Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions for machine washing if that is an option.
  2. Take it off and shake it off.Take the slipcover off the sofa and take it outside to shake off dust or debris to ensure a thorough cleaning in the washing machine.
  3. Wash and dry.Add the slipcover to the washing machine and use the designated amount of detergent for a medium load. Use cold water to ensure the color does not bleed through. Use a slow spin. Transfer the slipcover to the dryer once it is done with the wash and put it on a low tumble or as directed on the label. If you choose, you may also take the slipcover outside and hang it to air dry.
  4. Iron the slipcover if it is necessary.Check the label to make sure ironing is safe, especially for any fabrics that are not cotton, as an iron may burn the fabric.
  5. Put the slipcover back on your sofa.Place the slipcover back onto the sofa and ensure all corners are snug and the fabric is tucked into cushions. Smooth out any remaining wrinkles with your hand and place throw pillows or blankets back on the couch. Clean at least once a month to ensure that stains do not set and that all odors are removed. 1