Interior car cleaning

Cleaning the car interior can be a monumental task if not done regularly. If you can at least shake out the floor mats, protect the seats with cover, dash and interior plastic each time you wash your car, the job won’t seem so overwhelming..Just like waxing or sealing the paint, completely detailing the interior should be done at least twice a year.
Seat is the most easily dirty interior, so for maintenance,
The first is the seat cover, and the easiest way you can change a new one to replace cleaning.
The second is to avoid food or liquid overturned on the seat, especially alcohol or essence items, once touched, if do not exceed 12 hours cleaning, these besmirch hard removed.
The third is to avoid metal objects scratches leather surface.
The fourth is regularly with leather cleaner and maintains agent to undertake cleanness maintains, prevent leather ageing, fade, chap. Expert proposal: every six months need to perform nursing car leather trim