Please!!! Be Aware Before Your Dog Go Out in the Sun

It’s a long hot summer and many of us are excited to bring our dogs  outside,to the beach,camping etc. If you haven’t made any measures to avoid sunshine before you go out in the sun, you would get sunburn or heatstroke. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that dogs need to be aware of when they’re out in the summer.
  1. Be aware of time out and try to avoid direct sunlight

If you’re going out for a trip, try to choose a less sunny time, such as at dusk.

  1. Don’t forget sun block protects

In the summer, many owners will help their dogs shave, and it’s cooler, while the dog’s skin will also be exposed to the sun. Therefore sun block prevention is absolutely can’t be ignored, you can help your dog wear sun protection clothing, avoid direct sunlight to the skin.
  1. Water supply is important

When you’re out in the summer, be sure to offer your dog with plenty of water. The dog uses the tongue to transfer the heat, so letting them drink some cool water also help them relieve the heat.

All in all, a hot summer day, you must be ready to go out for a walk, to avoid the dog have sunstroke or sunburn.

Dogs can’t speak, and their health depends on their owners. More preparation, less accident, let us share happy time with the dog during the summer.