starsInexpensive and function is why I gave it 5 stars.
R. D. Hoestenbach, Jr. 08/02/2018
Very simple to install and covers from the top of the console to the top of the seats in our 2009 Honda Pilot. This is just enough to keep the dogs from coming over the console. I haven’t tried it in the Jeep tj yet but think it will do fine there as well and may be easier to attach since the Jeep is more “utilitarian” in it’s seat hardware.

Terriffic product
nomas 15/03/2017
It's hard to find a good dog barrier between two middle row seats with a console, but this one is excellent. It fits snugly and it is double mesh with an opening at the top. So you can actually put stuff in it. Leashes? Anti Tick spray? Your choice.

Who Kept the Dog Out??
Tom in Santa Paula 15/01/2017
This is my second review of the INNX Stretchable Back Seat Dog Barrier. I purchased a second one for my in-laws who just bought a new Outback. They love it, and I'm a hero. It's a simple, effective product!

Get it if you want to keep your dog out of the front seat
Jeremy 15/03/2018
Does exactly what it says it would do! Keeps my dog from coming through the seats.
It's a joy to ride with the dog in the back again!

So far in love. Took my dog for a quick ride around ...
Rosemary 15/08/2017
So far in love. Took my dog for a quick ride around the block to see if he would try to jump to the front seat, like he ALWAYS does, but he didn't. Just sat there like a good boy. Finally.

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