INNX OP102001 Stretchable back seat Dog barrier with storage net Size 11"x12.6" 28x32 cm for Sedan,Suv Mini-Van also

Prevents distracted driving and keeps pets from jumping into front seat / Bucket Seat on sudden stops.Universal fit for most vehicles sedan,Suv,Van,
Stretchable to cover the full capacity of two driving seat
You can put other stuff in the middle of it for storage use.
Easy installation with 4 hooks on the head rest and bottom of seat
Dimensions: 11"x12.6"

Driving with your lovely pet friends,sometimes they will distract your attention by jumping from back to front or have accident stop

INNX back seat barrier prevents your pup from nosing up between the seats, being a distraction or jumping where they shouldn't go.

No more accidental fall from back to front,and no more scratching the center console.keep you dogs safe and fun on the road

It is very important to apply the Harness tether or Safety belt tether for your pets,during on the road trip

Drive safe with your best friend! With INNX stretch dog barrier


1,Unfold the dog barrier,find the storage net opening on the top

2,Afflix the two bigger plastic hooks on the headrest bar,and adjust the height of dog barrier to prevent the dog get into fron driving seat

3,Secure the bungee cord with another two hook on the bottom of car seat,adjust to cover the full size of the space between back seat and front seat

4,Put your Dog toys or other stuff inside the storage net

Q:Which size should I choose for my cars

A:Our pet barrier is stretchable, It is betterto measure the spare you want to protect, and we have three size help to offera more semi custom fit for your vehicles.

Size 11"X13.6"  is suitable for most of Sedan and compactSUVs like Honda Accord, Camry etc

Size 15.7"X19.7"  is suitable for Full size SUV/ Pick up truckslike Chevrolet Tahoe Ford F-150 etc

Size 11.8"X 23.6"  is suitable for Mini Van or Full size SUV like Honda Odyssey Dodge Grand Caravan etc



1,Do not let your pets put their front pawson the barrier, or it will cause the clip snapped

2,It is better to fasten your pets with asafety belt tether so that they will not try to jump into the net barrier toget tangled.

3,This products is not perfect fit forsmall dog (like Pomeranian) or big dog (50+ pounds), or it may cause tangled or break the hooksto top.

4,Release the hooks on top carefully, especiallyin the winter time, it become hard and easy to snapped, if you have any concernon this pls feel free to contact with our custom service team

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