Water sports for dog

Those of us who own any type of retriever know that on a hot day, it’s hard to keep them out of that nearby pond, lake, or stream. No matter what the breed, water sports are a great way to cool down your dog as the temperature heats up, and now it’s safer than ever to let your pet go for a swim.

Just as you would with any member of your family, consider water safety if you like to take your best friend out boating with you. While many dogs are natural swimmers, you should still bring along a coast-guard approved pet life preserver to keep your dog’s head above water without restricting her movement or breathing.water-sports-dogs

3 Precautions When Swimming With Your Dog

Training your dog to swim can be rewarding and fun, but there are a few dog swimming precautions you should know about.

1. Your Dog Needs a Safety Vest

2. First Time? Take It Easy

3. Be Careful Out in the Heat

Training your dog to swim can be very rewarding and fun. Sometimes, however, it may take some time and effort to teach him to become comfortable and confident in the water.