Driving with puppy

Here are a few important tips that will help to keep you, your best friend, and others safe and happy on your  trip:

  • To avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, work your pet up to longer trips by taking shorter treks before taking on a long expedition.
  • Just in case you and your pet become separated, be sure that all ID tags are properly affixed to your pet’s collar and that they have your current contact information, including cell number(s).
  • Update your microchip registration and pet license information to ensure its current and consider including the name and phone number of an emergency contact.
  • Never leave pets unattended inside of vehicles.
  • Properly restrain, contain or crate your pets inside of your vehicle prior to your trip. Consider purchasing a specially designed pet seatbelt, carrier or barrier to avoid irreversible consequences due to distractions or other mishaps.http://amzn.to/2b62LNQ

    Love the car restraint safety seat belt for dogs! It keeps dogs safe & they can’t jump on me!

  • Never allow pets to sit on your lap or remain in the front seat while you drive.
  • Never allow pets to stick any portion of their bodies out the window.
  • Pets should never be transported in the bed of a pickup truck.
  • Do not leash your pet inside of a truck bed even when parked to avoid strangulation hazards and because open truck beds do not provide any protection from the weather.

Keeping pets safe is every pet owner’s responsibility. Being a safe driver is not only your obligation – it’s the law!

The key to pet safety in car

Just like us like to go out once in a while, many dogs like an enjoyable car ride too. Lots of dogs get extremely excited when they realize they are going for a ride. While does your dog wear the dog car harness during travel? If not you could be breaking the law. Car safety for dogs is really important to dog’s enjoyable experience.


Seat belts save lives. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 64 percent of people killed in car accidents were not wearing a seat belt. For this reason and the enforcement of seat belt laws, most people wear seat belts while driving and riding in the cars of others. However, many people neglect to follow the same precaution with their dogs, allowing their pets to roam freely inside their vehicles and endangering their lives.

Love life, to love the little things around us. Cherish life, to cherish every moment of life.



Hiking with the dog

Dogs like mountain climbing, to exercise its ability to walk and run, climbing makes the dog muscles more strong. Mountain climbing, of course, also benefits to the dog owners, your cardiopulmonary function and body coordination ability can be strengthened, And more importantly, mountain climbing is a good way to lose weight! If your dog likes excitement and love adventure, then bring it to climb the mountain.
But hiking with a dog is different than hiking with another person. It adds layers of complication and responsibility, too. From choosing dog-friendly trails to etiquette to ensuring your four-legged buddy stays safe, we’ve got tips about dogs on trails.
1. Obedience training
Before you set foot on a trail, make sure your dog is trained and can be trusted to behave when faced with other hikers, dogs and wildlife.
2. Leash and collar
Always carry a leash, even when it is not required. Situations may arise that warrant leashing your dog.


3. Water and bowl
Don’t count on finding water along the trail. Pack enough for the entire day. A good rule of thumb is three liters of water for your dog’s day hike.
4. Dog food and treats
Keep your dog well fed on the trail, because she will burn more calories than usual. Bring extra snacks in case you get lost and need to spend the night in the woods.
5. Plastic bags and trowel
Be courteous and leave the trail as you found it. Packing out your dog’s poop is the best etiquette – or bury it as you would your own waste (200 feet away from the trail and water sources).
6. ID tag and picture identification
Make sure your dog is properly identified with tags should she become separated from you. Put a photo of your dog in your pack.
7. Doggy backpack
Let your dog carry her own treats and water. Check that packs have reflective areas for night hiking and are padded for a comfortable fit.
8. Basic canine first-aid kid
Includes gauze pads and tape in case of cuts, a couple of bouillon cubes to encourage the dog to drink if she’s getting dehydrated, and antibiotic cream for dressing wounds that might be infected.

Nylon Swivel Clip Saftey Straps For Pets!

I am getting a new truck soon and so I’ve been searching for car related items to get for my dogs.
Because I want them to travel with me, go to places with me or just have some road trip fun.
But if you know driving and you know dogs, sometimes you just can’t.

But using these straps, I feel much safer about bringing my beloved pooch with me.

They are really simple to use.
They clip right into the seat belt clip.
Simple as that. No additional things to do, no messy hookups.
Just click and done!

You just attach the closure to your dog’s harness, and you are good to go!
(do NOT attach to a collar, it might choke your dog!)

I really love these, they are made out of a very strong and durable Nylon Material.
They are adjustable and can fit just about any harness.

The clips are strong and secure, no bending or breaking at all.
and they swivel, which means your dog (or cat, or any animal you choose to attach this to!) can walk around and be themselves without hurting themselves or breaking the leash!

They shipped to me in a bag,

I am impressed with these, my dogs are pretty happy too.
we all can’t wait to road trip with our new saftey seat belt straps!
I highly recommend and approve!


Cats Vs. Dogs

Every man has his hobbyhorse. As pet lovers, some people love cats, some people love dogs. Dos are loyal, diligent, friendly, while cats are gentle, mysterious. In a word, are you a dog person or a cat person?
By B Hix, Dog person 100%
 I grew up in a household where there were never less than 5 dogs at any time, usually Poodles. Currently I have 10 dogs. Lifetime count of dogs, unknown – but I have quite a few of them in boxes on my mantle. Currently I have 2 Great Danes, 1 Cocker Spaniel, 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 4 Chihuahuas. But we will be losing one of our Cavaliers probably this year. She is an old girl who started to lose a lot of weight (she wasn’t over weight to begin with). Had an ultrasound done and they found a mass on her stomach. So, we are enjoying our last days with her, making sure she is comfortable.


Anonymous: Cat person. Definitely a cat person.
I find that people tend to favor the animal who’s traits they have the most in common with. For me, a cat as a pet is the best fit. Dogs are great companions that have proved to be unwaveringly loyal pets time and time again and has rightly earned the term “mans best friend”. There lots of great things about dogs that I’m sure a majority of these answers will address due to the uneven ratio of cat: dog lovers, BUT- I still gotta pick cats. Cats, in short, just don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks. They are their own master, never taking orders from anyone. They do what they want, when they want, where they want. Cats are so fiercely independent that they’d really prefer if you’d kindly leave them the hell alone so they can go do cat stuff 99% of the time. This “I need my space” thing cats have is one of the reasons so many people dislike cats IMO. I appreciate that my cat needs his space because as someone who’s comfortable being alone with only a nice cup of coffee and my laptop as company, I too need my space. My cat is also extremely loyal to me… but not really anyone else. It makes my bond with my cat feel a little more special knowing that only I can rub his belly without my hand being torn to pieces.


By Jennifer,
I can’t really say that I am one or the other. I currently have a beautiful calico-tabby, Caramel, who chose me when I was visiting my daughter last year. There were a number of kittens, but she became very attached to me from the first. She is very affectionate. But I have also had many dogs that were part of my life. For many years, I didn’t have a cat, because my father was not very fond of them. But I finally adopted a kitten from a cousin, and have since had many that were a part of my life. I have loved them, and I have loved my dogs as well. They are often complimentary.
And I have had other pets…hamsters, gerbils, and mice. I had one mouse, who I raised from birth. I named him Spot, because he was a dove gray mouse with a white spot on his forehead. I hand fed him, and he became very tame. He learned to get on top of his little house if he wanted to be picked up, I would put my hand next to the house, and he would hope into it. He would then proceed to groom me, like he would another mouse. He also would chatter away. If he wanted to be picked up, but I was too busy, he would get upset and run back and forth in his cage, stopping to glare at me. And believe me, a mouse can glare quite effectively. Sadly, he died after a couple of years. Mice are not long-lived pets. I still miss him terribly.
Just as I miss the cats that have passed on, as well as a number of dogs.

And what’s your opinion? Kindly let us know, and welcome to leave your comment.

Spring is here! Time to hit the dog park.

The dog park is a fun place for the dog to burn off energy, it can also help to socialize him.  It’s natural for a dog to want to socialize and play with other dogs, and a dog park is the perfect setting for your dog to be able to run free without having to worry about getting into trouble. A dog park or dog run is a place where dogs can get exercise, play with other dogs, or just rest in a comfortable and controlled setting.

Welcome to spring. Enjoy the outdoors!

Taking your Dog on Holidays with you

Do you feel that your dog is a genuine part of the family?  When you go away on holiday, you would be unsetting if your dog to be left behind. So how can we let the dog enjoy a safe and happy journey with us?

Fortunately, more and more destinations are willing to accommodate people holidaying with their pets.  So with just a little extra planning, you can enjoy taking your furry best friend on your next trip away.


Train, plane or automobile?  Whether you are taking a driving holiday or flying to your destination, you will need the right restraints to keep your dog safe.

For driving, a safety harness or a barricade across the backseat is important.  Also make sure there is good ventilation.  If your best friend is travelling in the back of a ute, take care with an ample size cage and don’t forget about shade.

Hey! Do you wear a seat belt when you ride in the car!? http://www.innxproducts.com/Pets/Pets-Safety-harness/Pets-Safety-harness.html
Hey! Do you wear a seat belt when you ride in the car!? Http://amzn.to/28TTVyE #innxproducts

For those taking to the skies, check with your airline as they will have strict rules about dog carriers and even dog breeds.  For instance, Qantas allows small to medium dogs but has some exceptions relating to dangerous breeds and puppies less than 8 weeks old.  Excess baggage fees may also apply so do your homework in advance.

You will also need an authorized crate or carrier to fly on a plane.  Luckily, there is no need to invest in purchasing an expensive carrier just for a one off holiday.  You can easily hire one from places such as Jet Pets which are specifically designed for air travel. 

Welcome to spring. Enjoy the outdoors!  http://www.innxproducts.com/blog/welcome-to-spring-enjoy-the-outdoors/

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Welcome to spring. Enjoy the outdoors!

As the days grow longer, the weather gets warmer. The snow is finally melting here and the dogs are hanging out in the sunshine, seeming to really enjoy it. While we look forward to spring, wishing to hit the road with the pets need some preparation.

Protect your dogs eyes while traveling in the car by preventing your dog from hanging it’s entire head out the window. Be careful not to open the window too wide if your dog is prone to bolting. Never travel with your dog in the back of a pickup truck without ensuring that he or she is secure and safe.