Train your dog to climb stairs

You might have no objection to your dog sleeping on the sofa or the bed, and your pet will certainly appreciate the comfort. Unfortunately for small or elderly dogs, actually getting onto the furniture in the first place can be a challenge. Such dogs also risk injuring themselves when they jump off. Doggie steps address this issue — but expect to spend time teaching your dog how to use them. If your dog is already used to steps, the process should be smooth and fast, but dogs who have never seen stairs before might be uncertain in the beginning, especially if they also have physical problems.

Position the doggie stairs in front of the item of furniture your dog needs to access. Leave the stairs in place for a day or so to let your dog become accustomed to them before you teach him to climb up.
Call your dog over to the bottom of the stairs. Provide a small reward, such as a piece of kibble or if necessary, a higher-reward treat, as he arrives, as well as praise.
Lure your dog to place his paws on the first step by holding kibble or a treat just a few inches in front of his nose. As he goes to take the treat, pull the treat forward and up so that to take it, he needs to put both front paws on the step. Include a command, such as “climb,” “stairs” or “up.”
Praise your dog and having him continue up the steps either by placing the treat on a higher step or by continuing to lure the treat a few inches in front of his nose and then forward and up. Continue until he’s at the top. Provide plenty of praise and encouragement throughout, especially if he’s uncertain.

During daily life, we see many dogs can climb stairs freely, however they can’t climb when they were born. Their fast reaction to climb the stairs is totally the result of the owner’s training.

Before You Buy a Sofa

Before You Buy a Sofa

Buying a sofa is a great arrangement. The sofa you buy should be chosen for several reasons, such as how you are going to use it and which style would be the best fit for your room. And since a good sofa can last you for years, it is also important to learn about quality before you determine a budget for it.

How Will You Use Your Sofa?

Determining the kind of usage your sofa will get can help you select most of the other features you need.

  • So, how willyou use your sofa? Will it primarily be used for everyday activities such as relaxing, reading, or watching TV, or will it be used only occasionally in a formal setting?
  • Who will be using it most? Pay attention to any special considerations if you really want your sofa to be a good fit. For instance, use deep seating for a very tall person. Or you have kids and pets, who will often make a mess on the sofa.
  • Which Sofa Shape is Right For You?

How To Go Bold With Color At Home

Once you’ve determined how it’s going to be used, pick a shape that best serves that purpose.

  • A sofa that will be used for relaxation can be deep and cushy with loose pillows. A Lawson sofa, with arms lower than the back, is a versatile choice for both formal and informal settings. A rolled arm sofa is a also a good choice.
  • A camel-back sofa has a curvilinear shape, shallow seating, and a tight back. It is better for a formal and traditional setting.
  • Sectionals come in many configurations and profiles, and are good in cozy, conversational settings. For added comfort you can have reclining sectionals as well.

Sofa Size

The size of your room is a good guide for the size of your sofa.

  • Make sure its size doesn’t overpower the room or impede the flow of traffic. Measure the entire room, especially the wall against which you will place it, before you go shopping.
  • A tight back sofa works well in a tiny space because of its low profile.
  • A sectional might be perfect for a larger area, but smaller scaled sectionals often work in smaller spaces as well.

How to Choose Sofa Fabric

To keep your sofa looking its best, it is important to select the right fabric.

  • Use high maintenance fabrics, such as silk, only in areas that are used infrequently.
  • Microfibers are great in heavy usage areas, look attractive, and are easy to clean.
  • Textured fabrics show less wear and tear than smooth ones.
  • Leather is a good option if you are looking for longevity. There is now a large selection of colors and textures, so you are no longer confined to tans and blacks.


How to Choose Sofa Colors and Patterns

To select a sofa color, or fabric pattern, always take into consideration any preexisting colors or patterns in the room.

  • Neutrals work best in most rooms, especially small ones, but you can dress up your sofa by using more vibrant colors and patterns in the pillows, or adding throws.
  • A patterned fabric works well in heavy usage areas as it can hide minor stains.
  • Go with a strong color if you want to make a bold statement, but if you do so, consider buying a sofa with simpler lines.

How to Find a Quality Sofa

The real quality of a sofa comes from how it is put together on the inside.

  • A good quality sofa is heavier because of its sturdy frame which is constructed of kiln-dried hardwood that is free from knots.
  • The legs will be part of the frame and not screwed on.
  • The cushion should retain its shape when you sit down, and not curve up. A combination of down and dense foam will let the seat maintain its shape for a long time.
  • You shouldn’t be able to feel the frame through the padding.
  • When you check the back, make sure it doesn’t feel hollow, as that is a sign of inferior construction.

Make sure to buy the best quality you can afford, as you’ll live with your purchase for a long time, if you know how to protect it.

7 Apps All True Dog Lovers Should Have Installed

A dog – man’s best friend is dog I hope you know because you have one loyal dog at your home who is everything for you.1Dog – the best security system for your home. Even the smallest dogs have very sharp teeth. And thanks to them to cancel the hearing and sense of smell, they can advance to warn you of about stranger. These apps are all about you and your dog, you’ll definitely find all of them useful and amusing.


  1. DoggyDatez

It’s characterized as the dog version of Foursquare. It’s free to download and use and it lets your dog visit a territory, claim it (you know how), and compete with other dogs over other places. As they say, ‘love is like war’, perhaps the two of you will find your significant others.


  1. MapMyDogWalk

This app lets you track the amount of distance your pet friend has walked during a session. It’s beneficial to the both of you as you’ll be inspired to live healthier, too. On top of that, the routes the two of you take each day can be combined by checking the map and rerouting to keep things more interesting.


  1. Dognition

A rather intelligent app, it’s still not available for smartphones. However, you can use your computer to access it anytime, as it’s web-based. The thing about this app is that you can run tests on your best friend, ultimately getting a pretty accurate profile on them. This will help you find out more about what your dog wants of you and improve your mutual understanding. A very useful app, indeed.


  1. Dog Translator

Time to talk to your dog! No, this isn’t Dr. Dolittle’s personal translator but rather an app meant for you and your dog to have some fun and laugh while at it. By recording your dog’s barks and voices, it will translate the most hilarious answers imaginable. Who knows, maybe it’s the truth!



  1. DogeWeather

Internet’s favorite ‘doge’ meme is back with an app. Well, it’s not really an app but it’ll still make you laugh and is actually being accurate about the weather, too. Gives accurate temperature too!


  1. BarkCam

I’m sure you were waiting for an app exactly like this one, because all those ‘pet selfies‘ won’t make themselves, you know. What’s good about it is that it’ll get your pet looking at the camera while you send a picture to your friends/S.O.’s, trying to look cute in their eyes. You may also put some stickers and text on the pictures before sending them. All in all, a complete package you will get entirely for free.


  1. BarkBuddy

All the single ladies (and gentlemen) can now find their S.O. with this ‘Tinder’ for dogs. How about it? You’ll get to scroll through different pup profiles, find the perfect match, meet up and see if any sparks are started between these two. If you’re single, you already know the ‘use-your-dog-to-find-love’ technique, so don’t wait anymore.

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