Home Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The average home is filled with items that could potentially harm a pet. If you toss old razors into your bathroom trash can, your pet could get into it and end up with cuts. If you leave chocolate where a pet can reach it, you’re likely heading to the vet soon.

When you make the decision to own a pet, keeping them safe becomes a part of your responsibility. You should take the time to research and understand what items you have around that could hurt them.

There’s no uniform way to pet-proof your home– it varies by pet and home. To get a more personalized idea of what you can and should do to make your home safe for a pet, you may benefit from talking to an expert.

In the meantime, we’ll take you through a typical home room-by-room to discuss the common hazards found in each and suggest easy ways to deal with them.


The kitchen is probably the most dangerous room in your house – for you and your pets. You at least know what items to avoid, but animals don’t see the same risk in a hot stove, sharp knife, or indigestible trash items that you do.

The most effective way to make your kitchen safer for your pets is to make it inaccessible to them. For some pets, you can install a gate to make it impossible for them to enter the room without you letting them in – but this solution might be insufficient if you have an agile pet prone to making tall leaps. In that case, you need to attend to each of the risky areas separately.