Dog Car seat cover—Just Say No to Canine Crud

Dog Car seat cover—Just Say No to Canine Crud

There’s nothing worse than taking your dog on a fun-filled, wilderness adventure, only to realize (after the fact) that your soggy, soiled and smelly pup will ruin your car seats. It only takes one incident like this to convince you that you must invest in a dog car seat cover! Read our reviews of the best car seat covers for dogs so you can save your car and your sanity.

Some dogs will claw, chew and rip through anything they can, including cheaply made dog car seat covers. That’s why the most important features we considered in picking our best car seat covers for dogs were quality, durability and waterproofing. If you’ve ever had a cheap, flimsy cover that soaks your seats, you know what we mean! With that said, we did take pricing into consideration for our budget-conscious readers.

Dog bench seat cover

It keeps dogs comfortably positioned in the car while minimizing the frequency of removing dog hairs from the seats and car surfaces. This product comes in two sizes and colors of black, gray and tan. The material used is rated 190 GSM 3 layer construction, which measures the density, quality and weight of the material.

100% waterproof is very important for this seat cover, you can’t imagine what happens when dog pee or kids throw up.

SUV cargo liner cover

INNX Waterproof Pets Dog Cargo Liner cover Heavy Duty Non Slip Canin
INNX Waterproof Pets Dog Cargo Liner cover Heavy Duty Non Slip Canin

When you go out for road trip or Camping outside, you must get mess up when the dogs get wet or get all the mud or sand when you go back home to camp site, A well make dog suv cargo liner cover is badly needed at this time. you can keep your cargo area clean, only thing you need to do is clean the cargo covers, instead of clean your cars. If you need this click the pics below, you will find what you need a 4 Star rating Amazon choice products for you.

Interior car cleaning

Cleaning the car interior can be a monumental task if not done regularly. If you can at least shake out the floor mats, protect the seats with cover, dash and interior plastic each time you wash your car, the job won’t seem so overwhelming..Just like waxing or sealing the paint, completely detailing the interior should be done at least twice a year.
Seat is the most easily dirty interior, so for maintenance,
The first is the seat cover, and the easiest way you can change a new one to replace cleaning.
The second is to avoid food or liquid overturned on the seat, especially alcohol or essence items, once touched, if do not exceed 12 hours cleaning, these besmirch hard removed.
The third is to avoid metal objects scratches leather surface.
The fourth is regularly with leather cleaner and maintains agent to undertake cleanness maintains, prevent leather ageing, fade, chap. Expert proposal: every six months need to perform nursing car leather trim

Tips to make your dog happy

Dogs are interesting in that they are not like people, they are often happy just being So firstly try to think like a dog, which is hard as they don’t really think much at all. That said dogs have different personalities and needs. So you have to consider yourself and what you find enjoyable and compatible with your dogs temperament.


Play games, such as fetch, catch, monkey in the middle and tug-of-war. High-energy games, such as the ones mentioned, rile up your pup and keep boredom at bay.


Go outside, a dog park, garden, beach etc, and let him run around while you ponder deep thoughts and try to not think at the same time. He runs and runs burning valuable energy, sniffs other dogs bums, and scares ducks. He is happy anywhere, that’s where he can be a real dog in nature.


Play with other dogs. When playing with each other, they enjoy wrestling together and chasing each other.


Fill a bone or rubber toy designed to hold yummy fillings and treats. Aim for hardy bones, such as femur bones, that can last even a big pup nearly his entire life, so your dog isn’t at risk of swallowing tiny pieces and splinters. Add a bit of yogurt and a few pieces of cheese inside and stick the toy or bone in the freezer for a bit. Once it’s frozen, toss it to your bored pup and he’ll probably work at it for quite a while. You don’t have to freeze the toys or bones, but doing so makes the filling and treats last longer.


Make puzzles for your pup to figure out. Puzzles serve as one of the best ways to stimulate your dog’s mind. Stuffer toys are puzzles in themselves, but try for something else, like hiding your pup’s ball under his bed, or creating a cardboard maze for your pup to try and find his way out of. Make him use his mind to find a solution to the problem you created.


what to prepare before you go to beach?


The beach is one of the very favorite places to go in the summer. Especially you can bring with your dog, it dig and run and swim for hours, really enjoy it . To make sure everybody has the best time possible, there are some precautions you should take. Be diligent and mindful of the beach’s perils and unfortunate incidents won’t bring dark clouds on your beach day.

First, make sure dogs are allowed at your chosen destination. If we are allowed, make sure you know the rules—Do we have to stay on a leash? Are there only certain areas we can visit or certain times of day we are not allowed? Are there protected wildlife of which you must be mindful, like sea turtles or shorebirds?

1. Pack a bag of necessities. If your chosen beach does not have a shady spot for your dog to cool off from time to time, bring a beach umbrella. You will want to insist that your dog takes regular breaks in the shade so he does not get overheated.

2. Also pack plenty of water and either a travel dog bowl (which you can roll up so it will take up next to no room in your beach bag) or a travel dog waterer.

3. Be sure your dog has a waterproof collar and ID tag incase he runs off.

4. Bring a sturdy, durable leash to restrain your dog. Most beaches that allow dogs require that they be leashed. Once your worn-in, trusty old leather leash gets wet and drug around in the sand, it might give up on you. Consider purchasing an extra nylon leash just for use at the beach that you know you can depend on.

5. Don’t forget to bring a towel for your dog as well as yourself. We get cold after we get out of the water, especially when we’re riding home in an air conditioned car.

It’s time to hit the beach

The weather is becoming warmer and warmer. Are you sad when you find that your dog is uncomfortable because of the hot weather? How about taking it to hit the beach? To feel the vast sea and the comfortable sea breeze, you can also relax the mood, refresh your body and mind, it’s pretty good to fully enjoy the beach sunbathe .
  1. keep your dog cool in hot weather

2.there is a disinfectant effect in the sea water, it is good for dog’s skin

  1. The beach for the dog is a paradise r, see it enjoy happiness at the seaside, your mood will be very good.
  2. For the owners like displayingthemselves, take the dog to the beach is a very smart thing!

While after leaving the beach how to avoid the wetness and fur remain  in your car?

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re also the worst enemies of your car’s upholstery. Every time your dog takes a ride in the car, he’s likely to leave behind a nest of hair that can become trapped in your seats and carpets. Fortunately, there are some cheap, simple tips you can use to keep your car’s upholstery clean and free from dog hair.

  • Cover your seats with a blanket, sheet or towel. Cloth seats tend to attract and trap dog hair, so keeping them covered is necessary. Covering leather and vinyl seats is also a smart idea because it prevents your dog from puncturing your seats with his claws.
  • Remove pet hair after each trip. The best way to prevent dog hair in your car is to keep it from accumulating. Once dog hair has had a chance to become matted into your carpet or seats, it becomes much tougher to remove. Give your car a thorough vacuuming after each ride with your pet, and consider using specialized hair-removal products, such as rubber brushes and lint rollers. 

Welcome to spring. Enjoy the outdoors!

As the days grow longer, the weather gets warmer. The snow is finally melting here and the dogs are hanging out in the sunshine, seeming to really enjoy it. While we look forward to spring, wishing to hit the road with the pets need some preparation.

Protect your dogs eyes while traveling in the car by preventing your dog from hanging it’s entire head out the window. Be careful not to open the window too wide if your dog is prone to bolting. Never travel with your dog in the back of a pickup truck without ensuring that he or she is secure and safe.