INNX pillow reviews by Amy & Arons

It’s been a little over a week since Aron’s surgery and keeping him comfortable is key right now. He needs good rest for quick healing. We got the memory foam mattress cover so I knew we needed thepillow too. The pillow got here today and he immediately took a nap with it in his chair. He said it felt like it was made just for him and with the memory foam, it was made just for him. Is so cozy!

A tidy house is a happy house

A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.

When you’re a mom, cleaning happens because it has to. As much as you’d love to just ignore the spilled milk, cracker crumbs ground into the couch cushions, or random chocolate hand prints on walls, the mess must be dealt with — and usually quickly. One would think this would result in a sparkling clean home, but that’s not how it works. The minute one mess happens, your child has moved on to something else, leaving a continual trail of clutter to pick up. But there are a few tricks to keep things from barreling out of control.

Kitchen- do all washing up, clean sides, and mop floors and within 2hours its a tip with stones on floor (god knows where from), stains on counter top and a pile of washing up again

Bathroom- is full of mould anyway (so never looks totally clean) but when i clean it 1st person to use toilet makes it looks a mess,1st person to brush teeth leaves toothpaste all over sink

Bedrooms- tidy them then next thing clothes all over floor and just generally looking messy

Living room- don’t even get me started my dd has everything out and i mean everything but i feel harsh asking her to tidy it up when shes playing as she potters from one thing to another even when I’m breaking my neck tripping over things!

standard pillow
standard pillow

How does everyone keep up with everything? I know it should be simple but I just can’t do it