Nylon Swivel Clip Saftey Straps For Pets!

I am getting a new truck soon and so I’ve been searching for car related items to get for my dogs.
Because I want them to travel with me, go to places with me or just have some road trip fun.
But if you know driving and you know dogs, sometimes you just can’t.

But using these straps, I feel much safer about bringing my beloved pooch with me.

They are really simple to use.
They clip right into the seat belt clip.
Simple as that. No additional things to do, no messy hookups.
Just click and done!

You just attach the closure to your dog’s harness, and you are good to go!
(do NOT attach to a collar, it might choke your dog!)

I really love these, they are made out of a very strong and durable Nylon Material.
They are adjustable and can fit just about any harness.

The clips are strong and secure, no bending or breaking at all.
and they swivel, which means your dog (or cat, or any animal you choose to attach this to!) can walk around and be themselves without hurting themselves or breaking the leash!

They shipped to me in a bag,

I am impressed with these, my dogs are pretty happy too.
we all can’t wait to road trip with our new saftey seat belt straps!
I highly recommend and approve!


Spring is here! Time to hit the dog park.

The dog park is a fun place for the dog to burn off energy, it can also help to socialize him.  It’s natural for a dog to want to socialize and play with other dogs, and a dog park is the perfect setting for your dog to be able to run free without having to worry about getting into trouble. A dog park or dog run is a place where dogs can get exercise, play with other dogs, or just rest in a comfortable and controlled setting.

Welcome to spring. Enjoy the outdoors!

INNX products to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety in car

With your dog spending hours in the car, it’s more important than ever to consider safety issues. The safest way for dogs to travel in a car is fastening your dog with an adjustable dog harness, along with dog car seat cover to protect your rear area from dirt, spills, fur and claws. It will also provide a comfortable, safe, and familiar place for your dog to sleep in car.

adjustable dog harness
dog seat cover for suv
dog seat cover for suv