About dog’s pregnancy

When a dog is pregnant, dog owner will be very excited, like looking forward to a little BABY’s coming. but how can we tell our dog is pregnant? And what should we do before she give birth?
How to tell:
I’ll answer the basic questions here. When a dog goes into heat she will be in heat most likely for a few weeks. If she gets bred she is most likely pregnant. Pregnancy lasts from 58-66 days. The earliest you can tell is 3-4 weeks along when you can go to the vet and get a test called repro check(that costs $20-$30). Small breed dogs will start getting bigger around 5 weeks. With bigger breed dogs sometime they don’t show much until the 6-7 week.
Other signs are increased interest in food and water, tummy that is pushed against ribs, lying around more, and possible increase in urinating due to the enlarging uterus that is squishing the blatter.
If your dog is pregnant give her exercise because less labor complications are seen in healthy dogs. Around 6 weeks increase her feeding 25% each week until she’s eating at least twice as much.


Other signs that the time is near are restlessness, and “nest making.” Learn as much as you can about what to expect during pregnancy and labor so you can call your vet if something goes wrong. birth complications can result in death. Getting ready for puppies is also a good thing to do. You need to know when to wean them, what to feed them, when to when to vacc. them, how warm they should be, etc. Pregnant dogs and puppies are an extremely large responsibility so be as prepared as possible. by Tanisha
What should we do before she give birth:
Three weeks before the puppies are due, remove your dog from canine circulation. In other words, keep her away from all other dogs, including those sharing your household. It’s possible that she could pick up the canine herpes virus from another dog, which might give her a slight cold. She’ll be fine, but that same virus can be fatal to the fetuses.

Approximately a week prior to her due date, give her as much food as she wants. This will give you a big clue as to when she is ready to whelp(have pups).


Provide her with a whelping box so she can get accustomed to it. Place it in a warm area away from major household traffic. You can line the box with newspaper and cover them with old blankets or towels. This is where she’ll deliver her puppies.
Dog gave us the expectation, dog brings happiness to men. Good luck to all!!