Interior car cleaning

Cleaning the car interior can be a monumental task if not done regularly. If you can at least shake out the floor mats, protect the seats with cover, dash and interior plastic each time you wash your car, the job won’t seem so overwhelming..Just like waxing or sealing the paint, completely detailing the interior should be done at least twice a year.
Seat is the most easily dirty interior, so for maintenance,
The first is the seat cover, and the easiest way you can change a new one to replace cleaning.
The second is to avoid food or liquid overturned on the seat, especially alcohol or essence items, once touched, if do not exceed 12 hours cleaning, these besmirch hard removed.
The third is to avoid metal objects scratches leather surface.
The fourth is regularly with leather cleaner and maintains agent to undertake cleanness maintains, prevent leather ageing, fade, chap. Expert proposal: every six months need to perform nursing car leather trim

Great protection for my vehicle when carting around the dogs! By N. Parker

My husband and I are constantly taking our greyhounds various places and up until now only used an old comforter to try and protect the back of the vehicle. I saw this cargo liner and thought it would be so much better. First – it’s designed to fit – with straps and Velcro so it doesn’t slip around. Second, it’s waterproof so if there is an accident or they have wet paws I don’t have to worry about damage to my vehicle. Third – it’s much more attractive than my ugly old comforter that I had been using! It fits well in my Subaru and Land Rover – but I opted to set it up in the Subaru as we use that the most. Installation was easy and it looks great. The material is VERY durable – almost like a thick waterproof canvas. The quilting is nice so that my dogs are comfortable during the ride. It’s non-slip so they don’t lose their footing when they stand up. I also love that it’s machine washable so when it gets dirty I just have to take it out and throw it in the washing machine. I will probably hang it dry as I think that is better than putting it in the dryer. I am extremely happy with this cargo liner and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to protect their vehicle or carry dogs around. I hope you found this review helpful and feel free to ask any questions below by clicking on comment and I will try to answer as quickly as possible. I received this product at a discount to try and was asked (but not required) to give an honest, unbiased, and fair review. I rely on reviews just as much as you do and detest fake five star reviews. This review is based on my actual use of the product and I will always point out any negative things I can because I believe in transparency.


Choosing a dog can be a very difficult decision, but it can lead to one of the most exciting days of your life – when you bring home your perfect dog.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a dog is right for you and your family. It is vital that you sit down with your family and fully think through the following questions, and resist saying yes just because you really want a dog. You must do what is best for the animal as most dogs end up in shelters because they’ve grown into adults and people only want puppies, or because people simply no longer have the time for them.

Some of the questions to honestly ask yourself include:

  1. How much space do we have for a dog? Is our back yard big enough? Do we have somewhere for him/her to sleep?
  2. What age dog are we looking for? Do we have enough time to devote to the training of a new puppy, or would an older, housebroken dog be better for us?
  3. What is our activity level? Do we really want a high-activity level dog when we aren’t really very active ourselves? Or, are we really active, will the breed of dog we want be able, and willing, to keep up with our lifestyle?
  4.   Perhaps most importantly – How much will it cost to keep a dog, and can we afford it? Can we afford to feed a dog the high-quality food it deserves, pay for its vaccinations once a year, and have money for any emergencies that may come up?


Having a dog decreases your blood pressure and reduces your stress levels. They can even help reduce minor health problems. Not to mention, how wonderful it is to be greeted in such a friendly way when you walk in the door! Whether you have your eye on a spirited Chihuahua or on a loyal Golden Retriever, learn more about what special traits set apart each breed from the other. We also have a professional reviews from amazon for car dogs products & Pet sofa cover.

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Camping with your dog

Summer is winding down, it’s the perfect time to take one last summer vacation before fall comes, and camping is a great option for the whole family—including your dog. Here are some tips to make sure your camping trip goes off without a hitch.

If a long drive is involved, make sure your dog is ready.
If you don’t normally take your dog on long car rides, make sure you take a few practice runs. 50% of dogs get carsick, so bring materials to clean up a mess in case your dog is prone to carsickness.

Find a pet-friendly campsite.
Many campsites will charge an extra fee in order to bring your pet, and if they are pet-friendly they will have their own set of regulations. Double check the leash laws, trail regulations and other rules before bringing our dog along for the trip.

Bring a lead, tether and stake for the ground.

Prepare for the drop in temperature at night.
If it’s warm enough your dog will be fine sleeping outside of your tent, just make sure he’s tied up securely. But weather can always take a turn for the worst, so bring extra blankets or be able to make room for your dog inside the tent if it gets too cold outside.

Bring a first aid kit.
This will be crucial if your dog gets cut on the bottom of his pads, an injury that can quickly become infected. Having the tools to clean and dress any wound is necessary and can prove useful for yourself and your family. Make sure the kit comes with tweezers in case your dog picks up any ticks or other insects while exploring.

Camping is a great way for the whole family to bond and enjoy the great outdoors, so it only seems right to bring your furry friend along. Just do some research and go prepared to have a wonderful family vacation before summer comes to a close!

Protect Your Car!

Traveling With Your Dog on Bucket Seat Cover

A dirty dog can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s clean interior. Shedding, muddy paws, ‘wet dog’ smell, sharp claws, and you can’t even begin to imagine what sharp nails can do to leather seats!

Don’t worry; there is a perfect solution. Give INNX  dog seat covers a try! They are extremely simple to install, very durable, and you’ll never need to worry about any of the traveling problems!


INNX products to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety in car

With your dog spending hours in the car, it’s more important than ever to consider safety issues. The safest way for dogs to travel in a car is fastening your dog with an adjustable dog harness, along with dog car seat cover to protect your rear area from dirt, spills, fur and claws. It will also provide a comfortable, safe, and familiar place for your dog to sleep in car.

adjustable dog harness
dog seat cover for suv
dog seat cover for suv