Why are dogs man’s best friend?



The saying; dogs are man’s best friend, is a very old and popular saying. Don’t you just wonder, who said it and what brought about the conclusion? But whichever way you choose to look at it, dogs are truly man’s best friend. Not just because they are a domestic animal (cats are domestic animals, and nobody called them a man’s best friend), but because they are just great.

Dogs fill up that space that is meant for humans better than the humans in your life. They are loyal, smart, forgiving, cheerful, etc. all this are some of the qualities you expect in a human best friend, but you can get from a dog.

Here are the best 4 reasons why are dogs man’s best friend;

  1. They are very loyal

Most times we tell our friends we would die for them or have their back no matter the situation, just to prove our loyalty to them, although when reality sets in we tend to do the opposite. But your dog will die for you; they would do whatever it takes to protect you if you are in danger even if it means putting their self in danger.

They also literally have your back, every single time. Ever wondered why when someone knocks your door, and you are going to check it, your dog walks behind you? That is them having your back, figuratively and literally.Answering the question why are dogs good pets?

  1. They are always happy to see you

Everybody wants their best friend to be happy when they see them, but that is not always the case because sometimes they might just be dealing with their issues or they even need a break from you, which is normal. But your dog would always be happy to see you, jumping on you and going everywhere with you. Even when they do not jump, you see their tails wagging in excitement.Having your dog jumping and barking for exciting when they see you, is a sight for sore eyes any day.

  1. They are very smart

Dogs are very smart creatures, although some breeds are much smarter than the others. According to research, dogs can learn up to 400 words, although they cannot speak this words they understand and express themselves using multiple facial expressions.

That thing your dog does that you think is cute and they probably do accidentally? They do it on purpose.

  1. They are very forgiving

The reason human best friend relationships are complicated is that they are not forgiving and hold grudges. But your dog has a short-term memory when it comes to remembering the times you hurt them. You can tug on their tail, their ears all you want, after a while they forget, and all is right between you two again, leaving you with the simple answer why dogs are best pets.

Most dogs suffer from Allergies due to several reasons and different causes!


Dogs are very awesome creatures with very beautiful hearts. They easily fill up the void of a best friend in your life because they do almost everything a best friend does except speak. Why are dogs a man’s best friend again? Because they are awesome like that.