what to prepare before you go to beach?


The beach is one of the very favorite places to go in the summer. Especially you can bring with your dog, it dig and run and swim for hours, really enjoy it . To make sure everybody has the best time possible, there are some precautions you should take. Be diligent and mindful of the beach’s perils and unfortunate incidents won’t bring dark clouds on your beach day.

First, make sure dogs are allowed at your chosen destination. If we are allowed, make sure you know the rules—Do we have to stay on a leash? Are there only certain areas we can visit or certain times of day we are not allowed? Are there protected wildlife of which you must be mindful, like sea turtles or shorebirds?

1. Pack a bag of necessities. If your chosen beach does not have a shady spot for your dog to cool off from time to time, bring a beach umbrella. You will want to insist that your dog takes regular breaks in the shade so he does not get overheated.

2. Also pack plenty of water and either a travel dog bowl (which you can roll up so it will take up next to no room in your beach bag) or a travel dog waterer.

3. Be sure your dog has a waterproof collar and ID tag incase he runs off.

4. Bring a sturdy, durable leash to restrain your dog. Most beaches that allow dogs require that they be leashed. Once your worn-in, trusty old leather leash gets wet and drug around in the sand, it might give up on you. Consider purchasing an extra nylon leash just for use at the beach that you know you can depend on.

5. Don’t forget to bring a towel for your dog as well as yourself. We get cold after we get out of the water, especially when we’re riding home in an air conditioned car.