How to sleep better


Sleep is very important in life, people can’t live without sleep, And we should make up the sleep that we have owned every day, otherwise we will be punished. It is just like that we borrow money from people you should give back.

  1. Take a nice warm bath or shower in the evening.As well as relaxing you, afterwards your body will cool down, which helps you sleep better.
  1. Sleep naked.According to sleep specialists at the Cleveland Sleep Clinic, sleeping in the nude helps you regulate your temperature.Get a comfortable temperature using blankets or duvet (of suitable warmth), sheets, andpillows. It is usually best to be slightly on the cool side.
    • Preferably sleep with your arms and head out from under the bedclothes, unless the room is very cold.
    • Feeling too hot? Learn how tosleep comfortably on a hot night. Feeling too cold? Learn how to sleep when it’s cold.
    • Keep an extra blanket right by the bed, just in case you get cold at night. Don’t neglect your feet—cold feet can keep you awake!
    • If you prefer to wear pajamas because they’re more comfortable, loose cotton pajamas are the best as they as a rule breathe more easily than other fabrics.


  1. Sleep in varying positions.Changing your sleeping position can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. When you go to sleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night, make a conscious effort to follow these guidelines until it becomes habitual:
  • Keep your body in a “mid-line” position, where both your head and neck are kept roughly straight. This should help you sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It’s difficult to maintain the proper position, and it is more likely to cause aches and pains. If you wish to sleep on your stomach, put your pillow under your hips instead of under your head.
  1. Use a suitable pillow.If it’s too thin, your head will tilt backwards, which is uncomfortable. Likewise, don’t stack your pillows so that your head is propped at an angle.
  • Try placing a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side. This will support your hips and make this position more comfortable.
  • Try placing a pillow under your legs if you sleep on your back.


  1. Reduce your light exposure an hour or two before going to bed.Bright light before bedtime can disrupt your body’s internal clock. It’s one of the primary clues to the body that it’s either sleep time, or waking time.
  • If your home is brightly lit late at night, turn off lights you do not need.
  • Stop watching TV and using your tablet or phone at least two hours before bedtime too. It is recommended to install ‘f.lux’ onto your computer, which stops blue light from the screen damaging your sleep
  • Eliminate all sources of light in your bedroom.
  • If light still disturbs you or wakes you in in the morning, wear an eye mask. Sometimes lavender eye “pillows” can be more relaxing.